GOLFTEC Swing Analysis

So my friend, I’ll call him Doug, since that’s his name was talking about getting back into golf. I told him the thing that helped me was getting some computer swing analysis. GOLFTEC showed up in one of my social media feeds, so I tagged Doug.

Kudos to him, he went in and got the swing analysis done and could see a huge difference. The irony is many of the things we were taught years ago, don’t necessarily apply anymore.

Going to be fun to hear his stories about getting back on the course.

#belikedoug and do the work!

I couldn’t download his video, but grabbed some screen shots.

GOLFTEC has locations in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

Their website might be blocked if not in your country, but you can use a VPN, if needed.

Author: Roger
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